Back in the day this was our generation’s Google


Several items that were essential to society just a few years ago are now out of date.Particularly at the local library, many of the older methods have been superseded by technology.

The traditional card catalog from your neighborhood public library is becoming obsolete.You might recall borrowing a book as a student.You would begin by going through the drawers that were labeled with the appropriate letters.

You would inform the librarian as soon as you discovered where the book was.They would stamp a card with the book’s due date when you checked it out.

The online public access catalog has effectively replaced the generations-old card catalog.The online catalog is still referred to as the “card catalog” by some.

A few more seasoned libraries actually keep up with their card index, however it isn’t refreshed at least a few times every year.

The card catalog can be removed to make room for more computers.The traditional library card catalog seems to have vanished because of technology.

You might even recall attending school classes that taught you how to use the card catalog.Teaching students the significance of the card catalog to their future success required a lot of time and effort on the part of many teachers.

It would appear that the days of thumbing through the dingy card catalog are over.

On the other hand, when we look back, we can marvel at a system that was so well-organized that it helped students find books for years.

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