Cute little elephant’s “tough guy” impression steals millions hearts


Going on a safari with loved ones can be a lot of fun.But what if you catch a wild animal close to your car?If that’s the case, the safari might get even more exciting.

On a safari, many people would claim to have seen a lion, tiger, rhino, zebra, or giraffe, but very few would have seen a baby elephant.

Especially a baby elephant that thought he was an adult elephant when he charged at your vehicle. A baby elephant and his mother were in an open-top vehicle while a group was on a jungle safari.

The infant elephant approached the vehicle in close proximity and began engaging in amusing behavior in front of the tourists, making them laugh.

The mother elephant immediately came over to her infant after determining that it was too close to humans.James Hendry, the vehicle’s driver and safari guide, was forced to move a little further away as a result.

Be that as it may, the elephant chose to nurse the mother’s milk when the mother approached the child. The infant elephant would then return to nursing his mother after briefly suckling.

The baby elephant once more played pranks on tourists after his stomach was full.He attempted to rush towards the vehicle a couple of steps as though attempting to drive the people off.

Standing just three feet from the vehicle, the mother elephant paid close attention to her youngster.Before the mother elephant made the decision to move toward her herd, the baby elephant once more nursed at his mother.

The adorable young elephant went with his mother.The mother-son duo was still visible, though. The naughty baby elephant decided to attack the vehicle once more when it saw that it was still standing where it had been earlier.

The naughty child was watched by the mother elephant.The youngster made an unsuccessful attempt to frighten the people inside the vehicle.

The mother watched her child closely at all times.The young elephant finally ran to his mother before hiding behind a bush.

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