Authentic cowboy contestant makes Travis Tritt proud on ‘The Voice’


The talent on NBC’s “The Voice” spans a wide range of musical genres.Due to his distinctive cowboy voice, country musician and singer Bryce Leatherwood is a rare find.

He took part in the Top 16 show and performed as “Team Blake.”The audience has formed a circle around Bryce.

While he sings, graphics are being projected all over the floor.While wearing a large white cowboy hat, he plays his acoustic guitar with the band.

He decided to perform Travis Tritt’s popular song “I’m Gonna Be Somebody.”The song came from Tritt’s debut album, “Country Club.”

It peaked at number two in the United States and became his second Canadian number one hit. The song’s hook, “I’m gonna be somebody,” is sung by Bryce.I’m going to break these chains one day.I will one day be someone.

I will, you can bet your hard-earned money.”Bryce conveys the essence of the song’s lyrics about a rising country singer seeking fortune and fame.”

This is reflected in Bryce’s performance on “The Voice,” where he also aspires to become a country music star.

The audience adores the way he performs the song.You may forget that he is not yet a professional singer when you watch him sing.His charming southern charm and deep country voice captivate the audience.

Bryce is not an exception to the phenomenal singing talent that has been showcased on “The Voice.”

Bryce’s star will continue to rise as a result of coaching from country superstar Blake Shelton, and he will become someone, as the song implies.

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