Labrador pups growing from 1 hour to 70 days amazing timelapse


Whether you are the glad parent of a canine, feline or human, you realize that time has an approach to moving away from us.This awareness prompted the father of this Labrador to document the first ten weeks of his dog’s life.

Drew, the devoted father, began his time-lapse one hour after Bailey, his black lab, gave birth to her offspring.Additionally, each of her nine puppies was absolutely adorable from the outset.

Despite the fact that Drew was not a breeder, he did everything in his power to help Bailey and her offspring.

Drew brought Bailey food and water because she was unable to leave her improvised birthing bed for a few days.Thankfully, Bailey’s mother did not have to confine herself to her kiddie pool bed.

Despite this, the newlywed mother made it a point to return to her children as soon as she was done taking care of herself. By the tenth day, all of mama Bailey’s efforts appeared to have paid off.

Despite the fact that they had not yet opened their eyes, her infants had doubled in size and were beginning to explore their blanket.

Bailey’s babies started moving around their bed and opening their curious eyes just 16 days after their mother gave birth.Drew was aware that they would soon outgrow the kiddie pool bed.

However, this was only the beginning for these curious puppies.Watch as these lovable puppies grow up from needy infants into playful puppies ready to move into new homes.

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