Sweet Labrador does not want to share beloved daddy with new puppy


If you have two or more dogs at home, you’ll be able to appreciate how envious they can become if you only hug one of them.Golden Retrievers are playful and affectionate dogs.

However, this gentle dog can also become envious. Something like this happened as of late with a family in the US.

Bailey and Mia, two Golden Retrievers, belonged to the family.In the absence of Bailey, their father made the decision to caress and hug Mia.

However, Bailey would not be able to resist receiving his fair share of their father’s affection. He jumped up on the couch as soon as he saw his father embracing Mia.

After that, he moved quickly and climbed onto his human’s lap, pushing Mia away.Mia got up from the sofa as soon as he took over his father’s lap.

However, Mia was a smart girl.She once more climbed the sofa from behind Bailey.Their father began cuddling her right away.

Bailey, on the other hand, did not intend to give up so easily.As a result, he turned around and pushed Mia away.

Inadvertently telling Mia that it was his spot and to stay away, Bailey continued to walk and turn on his father’s lap.

However, Mia remained seated on the sofa. Their father would occasionally stroke Mia.Bailey’s determination to drive Mia away grew as a result.

He told Mia to stay away by vigorously waving his tail in front of her face and occasionally butting his head against her belly.

The owner enjoyed every moment of the playful fight the two continued to have to get their dad’s attention.Life can become much easier and less stressful if you have pets at home.

They can make you remember all the good times in your life and forget about your worries.

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