This gentle Great Dane adores some quiet time however little piglets have some other plans


The sanctuary named Wild Things was owned by Adri Rachelle.Adri was thrilled to welcome this Great Dane who had been surrendered to the shelter lately.

Adri thought that Hodor, the great dane, was giant and stupid.He was not aware of his size.

When Hodor got out of the vehicle and saw the shelter, he ran everywhere.Hodor could not be stopped by fences or leashes.The Great Dane peered through the iron fence to the area where the miniature cows were kept.

The pup was approached by the bull, who licked his face.In response, the canine licked the bull’s face.

At the sanctuary, Hodor interacted well with every pet he encountered.He got to know piglets, foals, goats, and chickens.He used to play with them as much as he could because he adored them.

A lady trying to get rid of a little amount of piglets that were only two to three weeks old gave the piglets to Adri. The piglets’ mom had left them and was no longer nursing them.Consequently, Adri chose to pick the piglets.

The little creatures were always playing with each other and had a lot of energy.Adri claims that Great Danes used to bloat after eating.

Accordingly, Hodor needed to have a rest in his case to appreciate calm moments.

Adri saw a sudden trail of piglets having their great rest on head of Hodor one day while doing laundry.They could easily get through the bars on the pup crate.

The sight of the piglets resting on the Great Dane caught him off guard.The young pigs were not afraid to scale the massive canine.

Until all of the piglets could calmly rest on him, the kind dog did not move.To determine whether the Great Dane was in his cage or not, the piglets would always rush in.

Hodor was giant, gentle, and warm, which is why the piglets adored him. A few months later, Adri adopted one another Great Dane, whom she gave the name Duncan.His handler had latly passed away.

Duncan used to go after in Hodor’s footsteps because he was like his younger brother.The 2 of them loved each other’s company and played together.

Adri was happy that she decided to take in Duncan, who was the same size as Hodor.

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