Imagine what happens when a nature photographer doesn’t see the wild deer behind


Each wildlife photographer hopes to capture unusual creature behavior.

This needs a great deal of patience and also depends on their luck.However, this once-in-a-lifetime chance is sometimes missed by accident.

Until the animal flees into the bush, they are unaware that there is an animal nearby.

One of the unfortunate people is this wild life photographer.He was taking pictures in West London’s Bushy Park.

When a wild stag appeared directly behind him, he was using his camera lens in the wrong direction.The “sneaky” animal didn’t say anything to the man even though it stayed there for a while.

Shh!I’m behind you right now!however you simply miss it. The photographer could have seen the wild stag if he had turned around for a second, which would have been an amazing experience.

The presence of the red deer went unnoticed by him.He did not have a goodday to use his camera.These amazing moments were captured by Roger Clark, a skilled wildlife photographer who lived nearby.

Both the man and the wild tag were present in his shot. According to Roger, “We saw a man with a tripod and his eyes fixed on some deer moving through the ferns infront of him.

“The large animal behind him went unnoticed by him.He added, “I took a picture of it because it was funny. From where I was standing, it looked like the stag was trying to pick a pocket out of his jeans.”

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