Twin sisters who were joined at the hip and had to be “cut ” in 2006 now live as separate people


Kendra and Maliyah Herrin were born on February 26, 2002.These two, in contrast to the majority of twin babies, only have one kidney and shared a large intestine, bladder, and liver.

Their parents, Erin and Jake, immediately realized that separating them would be extremely risky.

They were informed by one doctor that the girls would not have the organs necessary for independent living when they were born.

Despite the fact that Erin was as yet pregnant, one specialist advised her to contemplate having a fetus removal as a result of how debilitated the twins were.

The guardians never at any point contemplated doing that.They were prepared to deal with whatever would occur.

When they turned three, it was up to their parents to decide whether they should have risky surgery to separate them or just keep them together forever.

The first twins to be physically separated after sharing a kidney were “Maliyah” and “Kendra” at the age of four.

Doing it was scary and difficult.At the Primary Children’s Hospital, 25 support staff members and six surgeons collaborated for 26 hours to separate them.

Thankfully, the surgery went well.They were eventually split up, and from that point on, all they had to do was figure out how to live with two bodies.

“We don’t really remember how painful it was, but we do remember how quickly we got better,” Maliyah told Health about the surgery.After the surgery, we were already bouncing around on our beds almost two weeks later.

Kendra had to be on dialysis for nine months before their mother gave her a kidney because they shared a kidney prior to the surgery.

Then, a decade after the transfer, Kendra’s body dismissed the kidney from her mom, and she needed to begin dialysis once more.For a year and a half, Kendra was added to a list of people who were looking for organ donors.

Fortunately, a kidney was donated anonymously.Since the surgery, Maliyah has also needed multiple kidney transplants.

The girls have received years of care, including spinal fusions, and are now happy, healthy adults.They don’t know what took place during the surgery.

16 years after their final separation, the Herrin sisters are still living together in Salt Lake City. “We’re both so happy we’re not together anymore,” Kendra said.

Because we would always be together, I believe we are closer now that we are not joined. If we were still joined, we would constantly fight.”We’re still very close,” she declares.

We all do everything and hang out with the same people.“Even though they each only have one leg, these two will always be grateful to their parents for undergoing separation surgery despite warnings that it was risky.

In order to share information about their lives with the world, Maliyah and Kendra set up a channel on YouTube.

They are making videos to tell their story, demonstrate how self-assured they are, and demonstrate who they are as people.

In a documentary on YouTube titled “The Twins That Were Cut in Half,” the Herrin sisters demonstrate to the world how they interact with one another and go about their daily lives.

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