This blind and deaf sanctuary dog thought nobody would ever love him, until he met his new family


Puppies with special needs can be difficult to adopt.But Randi Snarr and her partner knew they wanted Petey, the blind and deaf foster dog, in their lives after watching videos of him.

His foster mom made the point that the Pittie was just like any other dog, despite the fact that some people might have been put off by the idea of a dog with special needs.He enjoys playing with toys.

According to Cathy Overfield, his foster mother, “He loves to go on walks.”He tries to play with dogs, and he is really just a very cuddly, loving boy.”

From the moment Randi Snarr first saw Petey, she was aware that all he wanted to do was love other people.Randi stated, “People can’t help but fall in love with Petey when they first meet him.

“However, Randi needed to make sure that Petey, a blind and deaf puppy, and Tucker, her dog, would get along before she could be confident about adopting him.

Thankfully, Randi and her partner had no cause for concern. To play together, Tucker and Petey tied themselves up in their own leashes the moment they first met.

They became lifelong best friends right away, according to Randi.It was a great success.”Petey may not be able to see or hear, but he more than makes up for what he lacks in senses in heart.

“Randi stated, “He has brought so much love, knowledge, and excitement.”He was destined to join this family.

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