A giant dog becomes protective mother to this little half-pound kitten


Julia was unsure of which of her animals Sonic would connect with when she agreed to foster a deserted kitten.

But it wasn’t the kittens who welcomed the little kitten, which only weighed about half a pound, when she got there.

Julia’s elder cats couldn’t handle Sonic’s bouncy and lively nature.In exchange for her curiosity and friendliness, the kitten would sneak into the territory of her other cats and receive hisses.

Fortunately, 1 of Julia’s other animals intervened.Norman, Julia’s 130-pound dog, took Sonic literally under his wing and became the kitten’s best fellow.

Norman is soft and careful with Sonic, despite the fact that he is typically clumsy and trips over his large feet.

When Julia could not rapidly locate the tiny-winy kitten in her home, she would occasionally worry that Sonic had gone missing.After that, Norman’s tail would cover the rest of her, leaving only her face exposed.

The giant dog was aware of how to be soft with Sonic without crushing or harming the kitty.Sonic has now been adopted by Julia’s companion.

The fellowship will go on because the kitten continues to visit for play dates.

Julia discusses what Norman resembled when she tracked down him:barely 55 pounds, thin, and ill,She adopted him after medically foster him for a few weeks. Norman is, in Julia’s words, „a once-in-a lifetime dog.

„Norman was not put off by the kitten, despite the fact that Sonic’s boundless energy may not have pleased the kittens.

When Norman met Sonic, he showed his nurturing, paternal side, and Julia now knows more about her wonderful dog.

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