A lovely caring nurse adopts terminally ill patient’s pup so he won’t have to go to a sanctuary


Finding a new home for a pup is never easy, but when their handler dies, it’s even more difficult.In addition to grieving over the loss of their devoted owner, the pup also needs to find a new caregiver.

Although making the move can be challenging, a canine recently found the ideal new home thanks to a compassionate nurse. In Gwinnett County, Georgia, Kim Still works as a nurse at Northside Hospital Gwinnett.

An old, terminally sick lady was one of her patients, and she evolved a close connection with her.

The lady had one major concern as the end approached:what would transpire following her death for her beloved dog, a chihuahua named Jax.She did not have children.

She didn’t have any relatives nearby.Therefore, all she really had was this dog,” Kim explained to WSB-TV. When the patient passed away, the family advised Kim to give the dog to a shelter, which made matters even worse.

Kim stated, “I was very concerned that he would not be given a good opportunity and might be put down if he didn’t get out of the sanctuary.”

Kim did something extraordinary because she was concerned about what would happen to her late patient’s beloved dog:She herself got the dog!

The DAISY Foundation claims that Kim adopted Jax from the shelter, “ensuring that he would have the best life with her.”Before she died, the patient reportedly knew Jax was in good hands and was able to “pass peacefully.”

Kim saw it as a way to assist a patient in a way that went beyond traditional medical care and demonstrated the genuine human bond that nurses and their patients form.

Kim stated to WSB-TV, “I could never have guessed the bond that you have with some humans when you look after them.”My life was completely transformed by them.

In addition, she couldn’t resist providing Jax with a home.She claims that the young dog already adores her.I will never rid myself of him.He is so charming.

He is among the most affectionate dogs ever.Kim was recognized by her fellow nurses for her unfailing kindness.She was presented with the DAISY Award for Outstanding Nurses.

Thank you for adopting Jax, nurse Kim Still!After his handler passed away, this precious dog now has a home.We know that his owner died peacefully, confident that her infant was in good hands.

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