Aged sick man noticed a huge difference after reuniting with his wonderful dog


James Wathen, a 73 years old man, is a patient with terminal sickness at Baptist Health Corbin in Corbin, Kentucky.

Because of his poor physical condition and diminished mental abilities, Wathen’s health could not be improved.

Wathen and his Chihuahua with name Bubba were reunited with the nurses after going above and beyond.James Wathen, 73, was in a severe condition and close to death when his lovely pup Bubba paid him a visit.

Deanna Myers, head of the Knox Whitley Animal Sanctuary, wrote on Fb that Bubba started to cry when James was shown to him.

Bubba then moved on to relax James.You’ll come to understand that pets are more than just animals.They are also friends and family.

The nurses went after Bubba to the Knox-Whitley Animal Sanctuary after Wathen was accepted to the clinic, where they studied that the pup had been placed in a foster home.Bubba has displayed such signs of emotional distress ever after his handler left him.

Due to the nurses, Wathen and Bubba came back together on one Saturday on October 11.As he played with and patted his pup, Wathen’s joy and emotions grew. James started to weep when Bubba was handed over to him.

After that, Bubba started to hug James.It teaches you that animals are more than just pets; they are also the most adored ones.”Knox Whitley Animal sanctuary head Deanna Myers wrote this in a Fb post.

After stroking and playing with his pup, Wathen’s condition became better.

During his stay, Wathen appears to have fully healed.The following day, the patient appeared to have made significant progress.

The nurses told that he was eating and standing up when he hadn’t before.

Because of Bubba’s advantages to Hathen, Baptist Wellbeing Corbin is doing all conceivable to make sure that Hathen meets his loved pet consistently.

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