This terrified street dog just needs to be loved and taken care of


Bo, a stray dog who had been abandoned by his previous owners and just wanted to be loved, was found by Faith at Street Dog Rescue.However, this did not mean that saving him would be simple.

Bo was wary of his rescuers despite the fact that he appeared devoid of affection.He had been attacked by coyotes, and no one knew what his owners had done before they left him.

The team decided to use a lead on Bo because he refused to come out.Bo attempted to flee when his rescuers gained a lead around him.

He attempted to flee under the abandoned house.Fortunately, the rescue team held firm to his lead.

The team carefully guided him out from under the house and transported him to Pyr Paws and Fluffy Tails, a second rescue, so as not to injure the terrified dog or themselves.

Patricia immediately felt sorry for Bo when she saw the rescue’s photos on their website.Patricia stated, “They needed a special person to take him.”Patricia adopted Bo into her family after previously volunteering with a rescue.

Bo was accommodated by Patricia as he adjusted to his new role in her family.Patricia stated, “It took him maybe six months to really realize that this was his home.

“In the wake of living so lengthy without adoration, Bo at long last had a family who cherished him, and his change was finished. “Patricia stated, “Now he is playing, running around, and acting happy.”

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