A boy with a limp assists a mom get her stroller on the bus, her spouse shows up on his porch the next day


Robert moaned in pain as he watched his friends play basketball.He was sad about it because he had always wanted to be a famous athlete.

He wanted to participate in every competition on behalf of his school, but no one paid him any attention.

He was always seen as merely a spectator due to the fact that no one believed he could play sports or run with a prosthetic leg.

Robert was born with a malformed leg.He needed to sever his leg subsequently. As he stared at the players with tears in his eyes, he hoped that they would welcome him to join them or take a role.

However, they were of the opinion that their team would lose if Robert played for them.At the end of gym class, Robert wished the winners luck.

After that, he slowly made his way to the nearest bus stop after retrieving his bag and crutch. After five minutes, there was a bus there.

Robert waited for the other passengers to board because he didn’t want anyone to complain about him or label him a straggler when he got on the plane.

He didn’t feel insecure, but he resented it when others made mean comments about him without his knowledge.He moved over to the seat that could be used by a wheelchair.

Due to Robert’s familiarity with the conductor and driver, he had already been chosen as the designated passenger.He kept his word.The driver was also familiar with Robert’s mother, Rebecca.

He was aware of the challenges she faced as a single mother after her ex-husband Harry, whom she had loved and trusted, had left her.

Five years ago, Robert and his mother Rebecca led very different lives.Robert’s father, Harry, was still living there.Harry was considerably more than simply a mentor;He was the hero of his son.

Robert likes to exclaim, “My dad is my hero.”He loved playing basketball with his father on the small court in front of their house.

At that point, Robert began to dream of one day playing basketball, but not just any basketball player;He wanted to perform for a large crowd.

The world was peaceful and happy.The family made it work with what they had.However, Harry’s dedication to his family waned after he was promoted and moved abroad.

He ignored the fact that he was already married and the father of a 7-year-old child when he fell in love with another woman.Without hesitation, Harry disclosed his adulterous relationship to Rebecca.

He broke her heart and divorced her shortly after.A significant portion of Robert’s formative years were lost due to his father’s death.

He was left feeling abandoned and neglected, but he was able to keep his cool for his mother’s good.Attend class and put in a lot of effort with your studies.”

Don’t let anything stop you from achieving your dreams,” she always advised Robert.His passion was sustained by these words alone.

Five years had passed since Robert last saw his father.Harry only communicated with his child through child support payments.He had married his girlfriend and had two children with her.

For his new family, Harry built a life out of a fairy tale, but he left behind his ex-wife and child, who loved and admired him.

Robert regained consciousness as the bus crossed a speed bump.As it made its way to the following station to pick up passengers, a woman was the last person in line.In the stroller she was holding, her infant was falling asleep.

Robert watched the woman push her stroller as he looked for help to get her into the bus.However, the majority of male passengers concealed their attention.

Therefore, the young man swiftly approached her.”Miss, hold the other side, carefully…gently…gently,” he said as he carried the stroller inside.The stroller was quickly inside after the driver assisted him.

“Thank you so much,” she said with a smile.She didn’t know Robert was having trouble walking until she saw him limping to his chair.As she brought the stroller closer to him, he stood up.

“Would you like to sit down, Miss?” he asked her.Still, there is a small area.Please settle in.After being moved by the boy’s thoughtfulness, the woman said she was Sandra.

Are you a fan of basketball?After noticing a small basketball keychain on his backpack’s zipper, she inquired.

“I adore basketball,” Robert said as his eyes sparkled with a tiny sparkle of happiness.I would like to compete at a collegiate level.I used to play with my dad every day.

However, I do not have anyone to guide me since he left us.You’ve left him?Sandra inquired with concern.Robert let out a sob of agony.

She was informed of his struggle to make the basketball team at his school and the separation of his parents.

“My spouse was also a basketball player,” Sandra stated.When the bus pulled up to her stop, Robert got up to help her, but she smiled and said no.Sweetheart, I can depart.

My mother-in-law is waiting for me at the stop.She stated, “I really appreciate that.”Before getting ready to leave at the next stop, which was his residence, Robert gave one last wave.

Robert’s school was not in session on the following Saturday.He was watching NBA games on his mother’s laptop when the doorbell rang.

Robert saw a tall, powerful man standing on his porch with a basketball when he opened his door.Robert inquired, “Sir, how may I assist you?” in shock.

Robert was given the ball, some baggy shorts, and a jersey by the man, who smiled. Champ, get ready for practice.I am here to guide you.

Are you against representing your school at the upcoming state game?Because he couldn’t believe what he was seeing, Robert wept.

It was revealed that the man was Jacob, Sandra’s husband.He had previously played basketball and been in the military.

Sandra had mentioned Robert to him, and the previous day, they had discovered the boy’s school address. Jacob worked with Robert three times a week for six months.

He taught the young player new ways to control the ball and increase his speed.Robert was encouraged to overcome every obstacle by Jacob, who not only provided him with coaching.

It takes work to be a winner.”We make them,” he would frequently tell him.Six months after participating in a school test game, Robert was selected to represent his team in the interscholastic competition.

Boys who had previously shied away from him because of his disability now joined him.Robert was praised for his flawless field goals on the court.

They all wanted to be his friends because they knew how important he was to their team. Robert took part in an interschool match for his school a few months later.

His father, Harry, learned of his son’s athletic success and attended the celebration.He was sorry he didn’t pay Robert more attention.After his victory, Harry congratulated him, met with him, and expressed his regrets.

After that, Robert no longer experienced the void left by his father.They got together a lot, and Harry even went to Robert’s competitions with him.

Despite his newfound popularity and friendship, Robert maintained his devotion to Sandra and Jacob.They were always his guardian angels, guiding him from darkness to light and never letting him forget their help.

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