Teacher follows one of her students as he searches for food in the garbage before Christmas


At Nashville, Tennessee’s Summerville Charter School, Sandra Elliot held a position as a teacher. She had earned a doctorate in academia.

She took the position much beyond what her academic skills would have afforded, however, in order to remain close to the children after she and her husband James were unable to produce children.

All of Sandra’s students adored her as much as she loved them because of her kind and caring disposition. She constantly made an effort to assist them and showed interest in their lives away from school.

Who would have imagined that her curiosity would cause her to learn anything surprising?

One day, around lunchtime, Sandra passed by her classroom and saw 12-year-old Robin Hollister sitting quietly in a corner and gazing out the window.

He had his lunchbox in front of him, but he didn’t even open it, and he appeared to be lost. He’s not eating, why? The one who looks forward to lunch the most is almost invariably Robin.

She was ready to approach him when she worried maybe he wasn’t feeling well today. She had to leave though since Mrs. Anderson, the principal of the school, had just called.

Before lunch the following day, Sandra had made up her mind to question Robin about why he hadn’t eaten his lunch the day before, but when she arrived at class, Robin was not there.

She spotted Robin leaving the room while holding his lunch in a plastic bag as she peered out the window. Sandra silently left the school and followed Robin.

When she returned, she saw the child sifting through the trash and frantically gathering the scraps to put them in the bag.

She covered her lips in disbelief and cried out, “Oh dear.” “What’s he doing?” you ask. Robin jerked his head up and took off running.

There were still just few courses left until the boy’s shift finished, and Sandra wanted to ask him why he was doing this.

So she made the decision to approach Robin the following day. Unfortunately, Robin was nowhere to be located the following day during lunch.

He wasn’t there when she ran to the dumpster behind the school after failing to spot him when she peered out the window.

She passed the dumpster, discouraged, when she abruptly observed Robin crossing the street with the identical bag he had filled with the leftovers. “I’m going to discover the daily whereabouts of that boy.

I’m certain he’s been concealing something the entire time! Sandra got a cab to follow the boy after texting the principal to claim her absence from class due to health issues.

Christmas was rapidly approaching. Sandra was aware that there was still a lot of work to be done for the school’s Christmas party if she told the principal she needed time off for any reasons other her health.

The woman was forced to lie even if she didn’t want to by this situation. She requested the cabbie to go slowly so Robin wouldn’t see her when she sat inside.

She had no understanding why the child was carrying leftovers while walking along the street in a happy manner.

Unexpectedly, Robin walked into a little alleyway that Sandra’s cab couldn’t reach. She exited the vehicle and followed the young man until he halted in front of a run-down old house.

Sandra hid in a nearby alley, watching Robin hurry away after leaving his bag and lunchbox on the door. She made the decision to confront him from behind.

However, the door to the old house opened, and a boy and a girl came out. The youngster appeared to be no older than five, while the female appeared to be Robin’s age or older.

Sandra observed a lady coming out and began to move closer the home, curious to find out who they were. She had unkempt hair, a terrible appearance, and a serious expression.

Sandra saw that when the kids turned to face her, their exuberant demeanors were beginning to wane. How several times have I instructed you to stay inside the house unless I give you the okay?

You kids are just as useless as your dad, I tell you! She yelled at the kids, holding their ears and twisting them until the kids started to cry in pain.

“He never listened to me, and now it’s you two, you brats!” “Mom! The girl cried out, “Please don’t do that. “It aches.” yes, mother! We apologize,” the young guy continued.

When Sandra noticed the woman making fun of the kids, she decided to confront her because she could take it no longer.

However, she could smell alcohol clearly as she got closer to the woman. She looked at him sternly and asked, “What kind of mother are you?”

Although I am aware that they are your children and that I shouldn’t get involved, can’t you see that they are in pain? Who are you to intervene, by the way? THOSE ARE MY KIDS.

The woman responded, “I DO WHAT I WANT!m The kids suddenly tore their mother’s hands from their ears and snuck up behind Sandra. Please assist us.

She doesn’t provide us with food, and she buys alcohol with all of the money we have at home. Daddy left us because he had had enough of her.

The girl begged, “Please don’t leave us alone with her. Don’t worry, ok?” Sandra reassured the young child. She won’t harm you any more, she says.

After swiftly grabbing her phone, Sandra texted James the address and asked him to come over right away.

He worked for the Tennessee State Police, and as chance would have it, his team happened to be patrolling the area where Sandra lived. He and his colleagues reached the scene in a flash and saved the kids.

Officers investigated Catherine’s home after she was jailed for child abuse and found a briefcase full of stacks of cash in addition to booze.

Catherine had reportedly obtained the cash after taking all of the insurance money the children’s father had left for them.

Jessica and Spencer were taken by Sandra and James to the police station, where they gave statements. After that, they were brought home, where Sandra gave them a bath, fed them, and dressed them.

Later on that day, as Sandra and James watched the kids fall asleep next to them, they made the decision to adopt them and give them a new life.

After years of trying, God finally decided to reward them with not just one, but two adorable children! After abusing her kids, Catherine lost her parental rights and received a jail sentence from the judge.

At the Christmas celebration, the school’s principal commended Robin for his courage and generosity after learning that he had chosen to assist Jessica and Spencer.

It turned out that the youngster had been stealing Jessica and Spencer’s leftovers every day during lunch without informing anybody because he was worried that his mother would reprimand him.

Given that Catherine was an alcoholic and didn’t seem like a good person, she had urged him to keep his distance from the kids.

But fortunately, as a result of Robin’s deed, his mother ultimately saw that she ought to have assisted Jessica and Spencer rather than avoided them.

She then invited Sandra, her husband, and their children to her home on Christmas Eve and prepared them a delectable meal of roast turkey with gravy, stew, green beans, and honey-glazed ham.

They all enjoyed a delicious meal together while extolling Robin for not only acting morally but also for bringing a wonder on Christmas Eve to the lives of 2 orphans who were leading unhappy lives.

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