Homeless dog is freezing in the night, but he finds his warmth and roof in nativity scene


The holiday season is rapidly approaching. Lanterns and lights line the streets. Christmas trees brimming with ornaments and trinkets, as well as festive decorations in hues of red and green, adorn homes.

Santa Claus and his elves go over the nice and naughty names on the list this year. But the Belen, or nativity scene, is the star of Christmas for our Catholic brothers and sisters.

The city of Bethlehem, where Jesus was born, is referred to in Spanish as Belen. You’ll hear a lot about the Belen every Christmas, which also means Jesus’ crib or manger and is the name of the nativity scene.

They put up huge nativity scenes all over Spain during the holidays, most of which are in town and the center of the city.

However, a dog somewhat took the spotlight away from baby Jesus in a YouTube video. A homeless German Shepherd puppy in Brazil in 2008 took refuge in one of the public nativity scenes in the area.

Similar to how Mary and Joseph struggled to locate a safe haven as Mary prepared to give birth. On God’s calendar, the autumn festival season occurs in late September and early October.

This is one of three times a year when families travel to Jerusalem to observe God’s Holy Days. At this point, Jerusalem’s population tripled to the point of exhaustion.

Bethlehem, a town a few miles south of Jerusalem, was one of the affected nearby communities. Due to this tremendous convergence of individuals, each house was filled.

In the end, Joseph and Mary stayed in a baby manger. Similar to how this dog was looking for a temporary home to get through the night,

Additionally, the dog chose the improvised stable in Brazil as the ideal location to keep him warm. Mary and Joseph are the puppy’s parents, and they read him bedtime stories before he goes to sleep.

The three kings who cared for him as he lay there were like uncles to him. As he cradled Jesus in his arms, he realized he had a brother or sister.

He likewise tracked down solace and wellbeing from the divine messenger behind him, loaning him his undetectable layer of insurance.

Lastly, he found companionship in the plastic animals that were all around him. The following day, the addition of a new character to the nativity scene surprised everyone.

As soon as he cradled himself perfectly in the crib next to Jesus, he became a magnet. The puppy and the comical predicament he has found himself in enraptured the spectators.

They took pictures and videos of him, which will be shared on the internet for many years to come. It is amazing to realize how similar the journey of the Holy Family is to that of the German Shepherd.

How they both attempted to survive the night by taking cover in a place they had no idea existed. The season of giving is the Christmas season.

It’s a good time to care about other people. Hopefully, the adorable dog was adopted and cared for by a kind person. someone who will show him the support and love he deserves.

A genuine family that this puppy can consider his own, a place he can call home, where he can develop and be cared for.

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