This pretty white pup is so graceful in his loss to the smug baby kitten


Smaller animals sometimes have an advantage over larger ones. It depends on the smaller animal’s defensive measures.

Even though an eagle might be smaller than the dog that is attacking it, it still has long, venomous talons and a beak that can eat a lot before the dog can get its jaws on it.

Even though the two animals are friendly, the same principle is in play here. We see Apache, a kitten, and a large dog named Alto playing together.

Alto tries to play bite the cat on the neck, but Apache keeps showing him claws that look like Ginsu knives.

There is no actual scratching, but the dog could have left a lot of marks if he had been actively attacking. Things would have looked bad then, and he would have needed a lot of bandages.

Since Alto is unable to break through Apache’s play defense, he just sits up and acts like he is howling before adopting a complacent posture and asking, “Playing? Who is involved? Not me!’

Apache maintains his position on the bed. He would continue to rest with a self-satisfied grin if he were a human. Apache is the reigning playtime champion and play attack champion.

Getting past those claws is impossible. Both Apache and Alto appear to be gentle, friendly animals who enjoy being around one another.

Apache is going to grow into a big cat that will really give Alto a run for his money when he gets bigger, and Alto appears to be a lovable lug.

Those recordings ought to be amusing to watch. Without a doubt. When Alto plays with Apache up until that point, he ought to take pleasure in having a small chance.

I couldn’t decide which one was cuter. Try watching for yourself to see if you can pick a favorite.

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