Cute little corgi is incredibly excited to see her life’s first snow


Snow can be a magical experience for kids of all ages for the first time. However, people are not the only pets who enjoy playing in the snow, as numerous pet parents can attest.

Potato the Corgi, who had spent her entire life in California, had never seen snow. So, she didn’t know what to expect when she and her mother moved to cold Colorado.

In addition, Potato’s mother had no idea how her rambunctious Corgi would react to the awe-inspiring white speck that was descending from the sky. Would she despise it? Would she rush back into the house?

Potato’s mother kept her camera ready when it snowed a few months after they moved to Aurora, Colorado. She knew immediately that she had captured a moment that should be shared online.

Potato burst into a whirlwind of joy as soon as she entered her yard. She started running in adorable little circles on the snowy grass because she was so happy.

Potato was rich to such an extent that she scarcely saw her mother catching the scene on her camera. She started racing around the yard on her “racetrack” when it looked like Potato might stop.

The best part is that Potato continues to run in the snow today. We will have to make do for the time being with this wonderful video, which has nearly 25,000 Corgi owners beaming with happiness.

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