Grandma playing a guitar performs the famous song “You Are My Sunshine” for her sleepy dog and backup vocalist little cat


All is well with the world when a sweet little girl with an angelic voice sings „You Are My Sunshine“ while strumming her guitar.

She is accompanied by a sleepy chihuahua and a meowing cat in the background. A fan put it this way:
I couldn’t stop smiling at this.

The luckiest dog and cat on earth, and what an amazing woman. That house is filled with a lot of love. I definitely shared this with all of my friends.

This may be the cutest thing ever, and her tiny chihuahua puppy looks like she understands everything. Her adorable cat occasionally steals the spotlight with his improvised vocal accompaniment.

Sometimes, all it takes to make us stop and think that the world is a wonderful place is something as simple as this.

Many thanks to the lovely woman in this video, Malinda Herman. With her music, her sleepy puppy, and her singing cat, she is making a lot of people happy.

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