Meet this funny and giant bunny who is sure that he’s a dog


People enjoy having pets at home. Cats are preferred by some, while dogs are adored by others. However, some people would rather have other animals as pets than the usual cats and dogs.

Danielle was one of those people who enjoyed keeping bunnies as pets.

Two years ago, for Danielle’s birthday, her boyfriend gave her a bunny. Guus was the rabbit’s name. Tragically, when she got Guus, the rabbit was little.

As a result, the couple decided to keep Guus in a cage as their house bunny. He found refuge in the cage.

However, Guus was also free to move around the house and garden as he pleased. The 22-pound bunny Guus favored a daily routine.

Every morning, he would go to the kitchen with Danielle to get his vegetables.

Guus would go to his feeding bowl whenever Danielle and her boyfriend sat down to eat, then join the couple with his vegetables.

Danielle regarded Guus as a clever, witty, and affectionate bunny. He was also extremely composed most of the time.

Guus would suddenly act like a dog. He would attempt to open the garden door by jumping at it. Guus adored spending time with his furry friends, exploring new places, and playing with his toys.

Additionally, he enjoyed chewing on anything he could find. Guus, in contrast to other bunnies, was surprised to dislike strawberries and bananas.

Nonetheless, he wanted to eat pears and apples. Due to the high sugar content, Danielle only gave him a few apples, which was unfortunate. The bunny was prone to acting in opposition to other animals.

The connection among Danielle and Guus is rugged. The bunny and his favorite person seemed to be best friends because they loved to cuddle together.

Guus seemed to Danielle like a stuffed animal. Danielle was frequently taken aback by his welcoming demeanor toward everyone.

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