Volunteers locate and save a missing pup who fell off cliff, reunite her with beloved owner


When a dog goes missing, especially in the middle of nowhere, it breaks my heart. You are left wondering if your beloved pet is safe and alive because it is difficult to know where to start looking.

However, it’s comforting to know that others will support you and assist you in your search in circumstances like these.

That was the situation just recently, when individuals offered their assistance in locating a dog that had fallen off a cliff.

According to CTV News, Saryta Schaerer was devastated when her mastiff-retriever cross, Luna, went missing in the Highlands area of Vancouver Island.

Saryta and her family looked everywhere, but the dog didn’t come back for days.

They started to fear for horrible. Saryta stated to CTV, „It was terrible because it was getting colder and she always sleeps next to me or my daughter.“

However, a week after Luna vanished, they received a favorable sign. Ron Cheeke, a local man, followed the sound of a dog crying with a pot and pan to the dog’s location after hearing the sound.

Cheeke stated, „The dog barked back every time I banged on the pot and pan.“ Because of this, a group of volunteers went out to find Luna, and they found her clinging to a narrow cliff ledge.

The dog appeared to have fallen off the cliff but clung to the narrow landing for a week. Thankfully, the team used a harness to get her back to safety, ending her ordeal.

Luna was overjoyed to see her family again quickly.

Saryta told CTV, „I was so excited, she was too.“ She was moving her butt from left to right. “It’s all because of the kindness of random people who were happy to go out of their way to assist a dog in need.

According to Cheeke, he was pleased to be able to reunite Luna with her family because his own dog passed away last year.

There is no comparable sensation. Andy Carswell, a volunteer, stated, „It’s worth all the money in the world to be involved with this and get the owner back with the pet.“

Your dog is out there, and we will get her eventually.

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