Man sings serenade for a wild fox with his banjo – then the fox asks for an encore


Andy Thorn has been playing banjo in his band Leftover Salmon for ten years. However, this renowned musician is commonly referred to as “the guy who plays music for a fox” by many people.

Andy Thorn loved to practice his music outside, even when he was at his Colorado home high in the forests. He noticed one day while he was practicing that he had gained an audience.

The fox paused to listen to him rather than fleeing. When Andy Thorn realized that the fox was most interested in his banjo playing, he frequently stayed longer to hear the entire performance.

Andy Thorn and his one-person audience have gotten closer and more trusting of one another since that first meeting.

The musician could wager that he would see his vulpine friend when he went outside to practice. Andy made the decision to perform some brand-new material for the wild fox after returning from a lengthy tour with his band.

The fox came to look into the song once he started playing. The wild fox even sat down to listen, their ears twitching to hear Andy’s banjo’s expert strums. When the musician finished playing, the wild animal circled Andy and left.

Andy was taken aback when the animal returned to its seat for an encore just when he thought it had lost interest. And Andy Thorn was more than willing to help out his pet.

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