This man moved to forest and has been living as a primitive man for 4 years: but then, he built a house


Chad Zuber moved to a desert island four years ago and entered the forest. He lived like a primitive man, without tools, grocery stores, or access to medicine.

However, the man constructed a real house during this time. Chad is a well-known travel blogger whose videos about life in the wild have won over his audience.

Before settling on his longest-lasting experiment, island life, the man traveled across several continents and selected a remote area of a small Puerto Rico island.

He wrote about his day-to-day life in an online diary thanks to satellite Internet. But Chad started building a more secure home because he was aware that the rainy season would soon begin.

Since the island’s soil is clayey, the traveler had access to the necessary building materials. He picked a flat area, used improvised tools to tamp it down, and got to work.

I was successful in making my first clay brick in August 2017. The traveler wrote in his diary, “Four months later, I already had 170 bricks; these walls were built from them.”

The man went into the forest, where he spent four years living as a primitive man: But he built a house. The man had to eat local birds’ eggs and vegetables.

After that, the survivalist built himself a bow and arrows, and a fishing rod and food issues vanished into thin air. Chad talked about how the project came to an end in his most recent video.

He used the island to get everything he wanted, and now he wants to go on a new adventure. Examine the development of his island life:

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