This giant cat wasn’t allowed to enter the plane but here’s what his resourceful owner did for him


One wise saying goes, ” We are responsible for those whom we have tamed,” Antoine de Saint-Exupery told us, and these are not just beautiful words for some people.

A story about the journey that Mikhail Galin and his cat Victor took together was shared with Facebook users. On the Riga-Moscow-Vladivostok route, a man and his cat flew.

They made it from Riga to Moscow without incident, but the cat had a hard time coping with what was going on and was very worried.

Mikhail and his dog finally made it to the capital, where they checked in for the flight from Moscow to Vladivostok. The greatest difficulties begin at this point.

Surprised, inseparable friends encountered an extremely strict airport employee. After going over everything, she started paying attention to the cat. It was necessary to weigh it, but the outcome would be negative.

The fact is that the cat gained weight even before the flight. He could not move to the salon because he weighed up to 10 kilograms.

The staff at the airport did not want Victor to enter the cabin and even wanted to move him to the luggage area because of this. The man continued to reject the airport staff’s decision.

He explained that the cat might not be able to withstand as much time in the luggage due to the change in pressure it had to deal with on the previous flight.

The cat’s owner was responsible for ensuring that it remained conscious. Apply a cold compress and rub the animal’s ears with drool.

Victor could sometimes become weak and lose consciousness or suffocate. He deserved to be cared for.

After that, he noticed another cat that looked like Victor, and he made the decision to try a little trick and weigh him instead of Victor another time. And they were able to pull off the trick!

He was permitted entry into the cabin. Mikhail continued his journey with his pet. Since Mikhail and Viktor risked their flight to be together, it was evident that no one could separate them.

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