Mesmerizing fellowship: How the otters were adopted by monkeys dying of loneliness, and what happened to them


We are accustomed to the fact that the majority of animals only get along with members of their own species and are typically friends.

However, this situation does not really surprise us, even if, for instance, a cat gets along well with a dog. However, you won’t be prepared for the friendship we’ll talk about today.

You wouldn’t believe that such disparate animals could not only get along with one another but also become true allies in need.

A small family of orangutans lives in the zoo, which is 60 kilometers from Brussels (Belgium). These orangutans are: Oujian, a man who is 24 years old, his 15-year-old wife Sari, and their four-year-old son Bernay.

The zoo regards all three as superstars. Every day, a large number of visitors gathered around the enclosure prior to the global pandemic.

The monkeys were greatly appreciative of this attention, so they flirted with the guests and did not hesitate to flaunt their splendor. Essentially, these monkeys lived without experiencing sorrow.

However, their entire life was abruptly altered at one point. When the zoo was closed to the public due to the pandemic, the family of monkeys immediately lost their greatest joy, human contact.

Their playful disposition was replaced by anxiety and aggression, and they stopped eating. The staff was aware that the monkeys required human contact, but they had no idea how much.

The monkeys were extremely upset. The zookeeper, Matthew, was aware that the monkeys would die of boredom if this continued.

The staff at the zoo had initially planned to entertain the orang-utans, but they soon realized that the people in front of them were not even visitors.

It did very little good if it helped. The caretaker then had an intriguing concept. On the trio’s property, the man directed the construction of an artificial river.

Additionally, the river was to begin in the otter cage, which housed the zoo’s primary bandits and tricksters.
Nobody was bored around these little animals.

They went right to the canal to look around, and they soon found themselves in the monkeys‘ territory. Bernay was the first person to welcome everyone;

That was the first thing the young man had ever seen. When he put out his paw, one of the otters got closer, and the animals started to sniff it.

They immediately got into a fun game once they both realized there was no danger. Ujjan and Sari rushed to help their son out of fear at first, but they soon realized that the otters were not at all dangerous.

Not only did the orangutans allow their young to play with their new friends, but they also wanted to learn more about the animals.

They let the otters run right over their shoulders, backs, and even heads, which surprised everyone! The monkeys‘ attitudes immediately improved.

They now spend almost all of their time playing catch-up or hide-and-seek with the otters. So, Bernay searches the aviary for the otters, who hide under tree limbs.

It all appears to be a game played by ordinary young children. Photographers barely have time to take pictures because the staff at the zoo consider such communication to be incredible.

All of the pictures turn out to be so cute! These photos can even be taken in a special booth at the zoo. The success of the artificial canal in the cages still excite Keeper Matthew and the other staff members.

Even though the zoo is now open to the public, the monkeys continue to make friends with the otters, who almost always live in orangutan territory.

Despite their completely different ways of life, these animals still enjoy each other’s company. Naturally, humans can learn something from them.

When you find yourself in a difficult situation, look around you and see if anyone who doesn’t look like you will also support you.

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