This fisherman kept at home a pearl that was worth 100 million dollars for years, not knowing its real value


Some people are unaware of their financial situation. Only a select few will ever own a priceless painting.

Some people have a limited-edition book in their library that was published about fifty years ago and is very valuable to collectors.

A story like this is easy to imagine, but we’re going to tell you a truly remarkable tale about how a humble fisherman with the largest pearl never became famous.

In 2006, when he was caught in bad weather, a Filipino fisherman took cover in a cliff crevice near Palawan.

When the wind died down, the man decided to continue sailing, but he was unable to unhook the boat’s anchor. When the man entered, a huge mollusk held a huge pearl.

The pearl he found was named Puerto Princess. The fisherman brought the find home and hid it under his bed. After the shack burned down in 2016, the man had to find a new home.

He took the pearl to the nearest tourist office so he wouldn’t have to carry it around. The staff was shocked beyond belief.

After it was weighed, they found that the pearl, which measured 66 cm in length and 30 cm in width, weighed 34 kg!

The bed on which the angler had hidden the pearl. Certainly the most famous pearl at the time!

Experts say that while the majority of people on the planet would never be able to afford such a massive object, it would be absolutely fantastic for a Filipino fisherman.

On the other hand, the fisherman never made any money. His find was declared the nation’s and put in a museum for the public to see. The “lucky fisherman” was not compensated for his kindness.

“Puerto Princesa,” after the city, was the name given to the largest pearl ever found. The beauty of Palawan is accessible to anyone who visits.

Although the fisherman who landed this priceless “catch” was not paid, his name will be in the Guinness Book of World Records!

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