Cute 2-year-old girl confuses a man for Santa and mother is very touched to hear her reaction


The 2-year-old girl thought she saw Santa Claus and went up to the elderly man. Their conversation and the man’s reaction were adorable.

Santa Claus is without a doubt one of the children’s absolute idols. Whether they meet Santa at a Christmas market or in the living room on Christmas Eve, their faces light up.

Two years ago, while a family was doing their Christmas shopping in a supermarket, one of these moments was captured on camera.

Their 2-year-old daughter abruptly covers her mouth and yells, „Shh, it’s Santa!“ She had actually observed a man with a white beard who resembled the figure she anticipates will soon emerge from the chimney.

Sophie dared to proceed with the conversation with the man, who turned out to be Roger Larck, despite receiving some encouragement from her father. Santa?”

Sophie inquired as she made her way toward the man. I’ve been referred to as worse,” Roger responds. And then the adorable conversation goes on, which Sophie will always remember.

When „Santa“ arrives at their home, Sophie shows him her beautiful nails and tells him to look for cookies. He inquires whether all of the cookies will be for him, but she quickly replies that he can only eat one.

The remainder will go to the reindeer, although she quickly recalls that they typically only consume grass after she says this.

Yes, but it’s hard to find at the North Pole,” he responds. The moment was recorded by the girl’s older sister, and it is absolutely adorable!

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