For a very long time the dog barked at the carpet, turned out there were unwanted guests under the floor that changed everything


Emmapearlher, a TikTok host, shared with viewers what she discovered beneath her own home’s floorboards.

Emma began by recounting the incident in which her four-legged companion began to bark on the carpet. She didn’t ignore the situation because she thought the dog had heard something.

It turned out that the dog did indeed smell something when he barked on the carpet. They realized that their life would change when the homeowners guessed to look under the hood.

The furry friend refused to settle, so the girl took out some planks. The family made an unusual find beneath the boards.

It turned out that under the floorboards were possums, a mother and her young. Fearing for the cubs, the possum acted aggressively and demonstrated in every way that anyone who touched the family would be punished.

The woman even attempted to convince the wild animal that it needed to relocate. But the possums weren’t going anywhere, so Emma decided to record them for a while.

Emma concluded after watching the video that these animals with tails are beautiful. There are eight heads in the female’s brood.

Emma made a home for her new neighbors and began feeding them fruit after realizing that a group of possums now lived in her house.

Because they were afraid of the corgi that found the find, the animals only lived in their new home during the day.

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