Man kept this stone for several years, hoping that there would be gold, but now he found out that it’s worth far more than any gold


An Australian farmer kept a regular stone for ten years. It wasn’t like any other stone to him. He believed that it contained gold, which is why he kept it for so long.

Australian David Hall was looking for gold. His farms are situated close to Melbourne. In the 19th century, gold was discovered there, so people went there.

David concluded that the boulder he found wasn’t just a stone; rather, it contained gold beneath the mineral.

Because the stone was so hard, the man was unable to break it to find out what was inside. He couldn’t be helped by even the most cutting-edge equipment.

When Hall realized that his efforts had failed, he simply placed the stone on the shelf as a memento, but he maintained his belief that the stone was valuable and that he would eventually locate the gold.

He probably would have continued to dust there until now if his friend hadn’t done this. The shelf stone turned out to be nothing more than a meteorite.

This suggests that the price was even more expensive than he had anticipated.

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