He found a trunk in a deserted house, and when he opened it he understood he would no longer need to work


A man had been looking for a house he wanted to buy for his family for a long time. He picked a building that had been abandoned for years and no one had lived in it.

The buyer began restoring the house with the assistance of a construction crew. The property owner was in for a surprise when workers first removed the floors and ceiling.

A small trunk with a tightly locked lid was concealed beneath the rusty boards.

The trunk’s appearance suggested that it had been buried beneath the floor for at least a century. Additionally, few people were aware of it.

The buyer was informed of the discovery by the builders, who attempted to remove the find from underneath when he arrived at the site. They used ropes because the box was very heavy.

The find was then opened by employees. All of the fasteners had rusted long ago, making it difficult. A tool had to be used. Underneath the lid, something shiny was visible when it finally gave way.

The ingots filled the chest. They could number as many as nine thousand. The chest had real silver, as it turned out later. The find was found to be worth twenty million rubles after examination.

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