Lady burst into tears, when she read the note a homeless man gave her


A beggar sitting under the cafe’s door caught the young lady’s attention as she passed by.

Probably motivated by the fact that she had just given birth, the madam felt sorry for the homeless man. Madame bought him food and tried to talk to the poor man out of compassion.

Madame learned that the poor man faced numerous challenges from his story about his issues.

He didn’t know his father, his mother died of cancer, and he lost everything and ended up on the street as a result of his drug addiction. Imagine how difficult his circumstances were.

Madame was about to leave when the conversation came to an end, but the man grabbed her by the hand and asked him to wait a moment.

Madame mechanically slipped the note into her pocket and only looked at it in the car after he wrote something on it and gave it to her.

The following was written: I considered taking my own life today, but you convinced me otherwise.

Beautiful person, thank you. Imagine how she felt when she read the sentence: “Be kinder and talk to people because even the smallest thing you do can save someone’s life.”

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