Singer Adam Lambert brought fabulous Cher to tears, by singing her “Believe”. Everyone there were so excited.


Even though this performance is only the beginning, Adam Lambert appears to be off to a very successful start.

In the eighth season of the highly regarded reality show “American Idol,” Lambert finished in second place.

The top-charting hit “Whataya want from me” made Lambert already a little bit famous, and people recognized him and his talent.

“For Your Entertainment” was his first hugely successful album. They started to like his ideas, style, and musical taste.

In any case, Queen’s 2011 six-concert tour enhanced Lambert’s reputation. So many people learned about a new legend as a result.

The band decided to hire Lambert full-time after reading all the good things people had to say about him.

Brian May, Queen’s original guitarist, expressed appreciation and said that he enjoys listening to his voice.

May even compare the time he spent watching Mercury practice his skills in the same manner to the time he watched Lambert improve his vocals.

He deserved nothing but the highest praise for it. And here, Lambert’s stunning rendition of “Believe,” one of Cher’s most well-known songs, astonished and moved everyone, including Cher herself.

Watch the incredible video below to see how they valued his ability to perfectly convey the song’s emotions through his vocals, even when the song wasn’t his own.

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