The groom couldn’t hold his tears back from the unexpected surprise of his bride


The most important, stressful, and memorable day of a person’s life is their wedding day. Chelsea Hill has always imagined and wished for the most awaited day of her life to be special.

Sadly, the woman had a serious injury and had to use a wheelchair to get around. She intended to sign it with her fiance. He broke down in tears when he saw what had happened to his fiancé.

Since 2011, Chelsea has been paralyzed after a serious car accident, unable to move her lower body at all. Only with the assistance of a special chair could she move.

However, the woman planned a victory all the way up to her wedding day and had a dream of standing up. She also happy succeeded in the end.

The girl used a special tool to stand up. Chelsea was also supported at the wedding by her father, who held her hand and led her to the altar.

I had the impression while I was walking to the altar with my father that something special is taking place right now. It will never leave my mind.

And today, I am incredibly glad that I was able to accomplish what I had always aspired to: stand next to my beloved, and everything turned out exactly as I had pictured it since I was a child,” Chelsea states.

This really caught the man off guard, and he broke down in tears. A number of photos from the wedding that were posted by a photographer who was there show how unexpected, shocking, and happy everyone was.

He made a slideshow out of the frames. The video went viral in a short amount of time, and people love the story.

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