The police officer received a superhero name for doing this. Mommy managed to capture the moment


Recently, a video by a mother from the United States surfaced on social media. She wrote a very interesting caption for the video.

It read: “There is Batman in Gotham, Black Panther in Wakanda, Superman in Metropolis, and C.B. Fleming in South Hill, Virginia.

However, unlike many superheroes, C.B. Fleming does not wear a black cape or mask while he roams the city. He also doesn’t need to do much to get people’s attention.

He is referred to as Batman and their hero by children who live in the neighborhood. the tale of a remarkable man.

He is 42 years old and is most well-known for his work with children. He resides in Virginia’s South Hill, as previously stated.

The incident that gave rise to his moniker has to do with a gas leak, and he spent hours ensuring the safety of the children as a result.

Lesha Roper-Boswell and Fleming made a dispatch call last week, and a few emergency personnel arrived at their home.

After confirming that the house was secure as their first action, he spoke with Roper-Boswell.

The mother, who was 28 years old at the time, got in touch with Fleming and told him that her daughter and the other kids in the neighborhood were afraid of the police.

He got down on the sidewalk to play with the kids as Fleming heard about it. They were both surprised and delighted to have a new playmate—not a peer but a police officer in uniform.

Roper-Boswell caught the most adorable and heartwarming moment she had ever seen in a flash. The video unexpectedly went viral, getting a lot of views on Facebook and YouTube.

The fact that Fleming is the father of four children may help to explain his particular behavior toward children. Therefore, he is very familiar with how to behave around them, win their affection, and win their trust.

During his 15 years of employment in Virginia, he was always a positive influence in the community. It turned out that he had done a lot of things like that and was greatly admired.

However, not every good thing he has done has been talked about.

He is here to demonstrate that humanity has the potential to evolve into a better and more compassionate species; however, unless we all work together, kindness will never exist in our life.

Therefore, you must look around and find your own positive energy for the day.

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