This man bought a house for demolition, but when he opened the garage, he got a huge surprise


Mark Benton was searching for a location where he could start his own production. He found a small farm on the outskirts of the city and quickly purchased it.

However, the man decided to check out what was on his property before destroying the structure. What a surprise it was for Mark to see a black 1959 Jaguar when he opened the abandoned section?

It was simply a startling find. After all, the Mark 2 is one of the most expensive and rare cars in the world.
It is a genuine vintage sports car.

The sedan’s exterior instantly transports the driver to that incredible era, and the vehicle’s powerful Jaguar XK sports engine can be found under the hood.

I was extremely surprised because I acquired an abandoned farmhouse in an unfavorable state in the United States and nearly all Mark 2 models are located in England.

The rarity car’s exterior was in excellent condition despite the storage environment. Benton searched the car’s interior and found all of the paperwork, which showed that the Jaguar had not been registered since 1983.

The man put the rare car up for auction and hopes to make at least a few hundred thousand dollars.

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