This man bought a pup at the market, but was surprised and found out he had been cheated when the “puppy” began eating watermelons and growling at night


A man who lives in the country bought a Tibetan Mastiff puppy, realizing his dream. This is a rare breed whose representatives stand out for their capacity to effectively safeguard their owners‘ possessions.

I was reassured by the seller that the puppy was a purebred Mastiff. However, when the dog’s new owner left, he noticed that something was off.

The creature liked to eat watermelons and kept him conscious around evening time, uttering sounds like snarling.

During a business trip, a man by the name of Xu Yun purchased the infant in another city. He decided to give his family a present here.

The puppy started eating fruit during his second month with his new family, and shortly after that, he started climbing on the paw structure.

They made the decision to put him in an aviary in the backyard. After that, the tenant’s strange noises caught the owner’s attention. The man went to the animal hospital.

The problem was immediately apparent to the specialist. The doctor realized that Xu Yun had been sold a bear rather than a dog.

The cub became a large bear and was given to a wildlife agency for protection. Because it still resembled a funny puppy, the animal would not survive in the wild.

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