When the moment of exchanging rings came the groom ran out of the church . No one knew what was about to happen


One of the most significant days in a person’s life is their wedding. Nowadays, people try to be as imaginative as possible to make that day more memorable.

Weddings with little surprises can change the mood and make the ceremony more fun.

It depends on the bride and groom’s fashion, the setting, the guests, and other factors. In the video that can be found below, the groom gives us a totally unexpected surprise!

Both Stuart Kettell and his brother Robert have very creative and jovial personalities. Because of it, Vicky fell in love with Stuart.

When Stuart and Vicky got engaged, no one knew the groom would make a joke to his bride-to-be right before they exchanged rings: one of every wedding’s most significant moments.

Although Stuart was well-known to the guests, they were skeptical that he would dare to act in that manner during the church ceremony.

All of the guests gathered in the church on the wedding day. Additionally, things were going well. Stuart and Robert, on the other hand, panicked when the priest asked for the rings: At home, Stuart had forgotten about them!

At least, that was what everyone initially thought. The priest, who probably knew about the joke, said that the ceremony couldn’t go on without the rings.

Stuart then escaped the church: The guests were astonished and had no idea what was going on. The upcoming bride remained by herself at the altar, looking rather perplexed and nervous.

But something happens after a while that made everyone laugh. We won’t say too much because we want you to see it for yourself in the video below!

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