Cher sobbed as Adam Lambert sang her song „Believe“ to her. He touched all of us with his voice


As seen by this performance, Adam Lambert’s career appears to be just getting started.

Lambert participated and came in second place in the eighth season of the immensely popular reality show „American Idol.“

His debut CD, „For Your Entertainment,“ was a big hit.

Lambert received some prominence and people started to take note of his skills thanks to the number-one single „Whataya want from me.“

They started to value his views, sense of style, and musical tastes.

Nevertheless, Lambert’s fame grew as a result of Queen’s six-concert tour in 2011.

As a consequence, a fresh narrative was discovered by several individuals.

The band made the decision to issue Lambert an open invitation to permanently join them after reading the many eulogies and love messages that were written about him.

He was complimented and told that he appreciated hearing his voice by Brian May, the band Queen’s original guitarist.

May made a comparison between the times he saw Mercury hone his skills in the same way as Lambert and the times he watched Lambert’s voice grow.

The highest compliment ever given to him, it was.

With a fantastic performance of Cher’s most well-known song, „Believe,“ Lambert astonished and affected everyone in the audience, including Cher herself.

Watch the incredible video above to see how they were in awe at his ability to accurately reproduce the voice and all the feelings of the song, even though they weren’t his own.

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