Customers often buy all of the donut shop’s stock so the owner may go see his sick wife


Donut City, a doughnut business in Seal Beach, California, has been owned by John Chhan and his wife Stella for the past 30 years.

Since their 1979 arrival as refugees from Cambodia in California, John and Stella have been hard at work.

Customers of Donut City were accustomed to receiving their daily doughnuts and coffee from the affable pair who worked behind the counter side by side as the years went by.

But eventually, Stella’s absence was noted by the customers. And the following day, and the day after that. How did she get there?

John disclosed that his devoted wife had experienced an aneurysm. She was undergoing therapy and trying to regain her strength.

The one thing John wanted more than anything was to be with her all the time, but he also had to keep their business operating.

John was contacted by devoted and sympathetic clients asking if they might create a GoFundMe website for him and Stella, but he declined.

In November 2018, this article initially appeared on LittleThings.

The customers devised a different idea that John couldn’t resist in order to let him spend more time with Stella.

Now that their amazing and altruistic act has gone viral, it is touching people’s hearts all around the world.

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