Over six decades later, Philadelphia Police identify „Boy in the box“ cold case victim


If you’re interested in actual crime cases, you may notice that some cold cases develop over time but never get solved since there isn’t enough supporting evidence.

The 4-year-old murder victim who had been known to the public and law enforcement as „the Boy in the Box“ for years was eventually recognized by Philadelphia detectives, according to a story on the case in Inside Edition.

A little kid who was not named was discovered in a cardboard box in Philadelphia, on February 25, 57, nude and having been brutally murdered.

The identity of „the Boy in the Box,“ Joseph, was made public by investigators in a news conference in December 22.

During a press conference, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle stated, „It was evident that this youngster underwent traumas that no one, no one should ever be exposed to.“

The only words on Joseph’s grave marker for more than 60 years were „Heavenly Father Bless This Unknown Boy.“

After twice exhuming the remains over the years to do DNA testing, how were the investigators in this case eventually able to identify the little boy?

The development of accurate DNA analysis was finally made possible by advances in science and technology over the previous 60 years.

My responsibility was to try to extract information from the DNA that had been severely damaged so that it might be used for ancestry.

It took us two and a half years and three attempts, but we eventually succeeded, says Dr. Colleen Fitzpatrick of Identifiers International.

Watch the complete video from Inside Edition to find out if there is a suspect in this cold case murder that was committed in a horrible manner.

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