Mom installs a hidden camera after seeing bruises on the kids to check on her nanny


Most parents will take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that their child is safe when they learn that they may be in danger.

A committed mother who was forced to leave her two young children in the care of a nanny is featured in this video tale provided by Wonderbot.

She soon learns that the children have odd bruises on them.

The maternity leave of Lina Woods, a married mother of two, was quickly coming to an end.

She cherished her role as Jeremy and May’s mother, but she also didn’t want to give up her job.

Tod, her husband, who she had talked to about the situation, advised that they employ a nanny.

Tod overcame Lina’s initial reluctance by explaining that they didn’t need to employ a total stranger and that they could learn crucial information about anyone who would be spending time in their house and around their children.

Before deciding on Bella, the couple searched over 30 various nanny profiles after asking for assistance through an agency.

It was only natural to try her out because she lived in their area.

When Lina had to leave her children in Bella’s care at home because she had to return to work, the time had come.

Despite her worries, the days passed and she started to feel OK with being apart from her children.

She worried about them all day and worried incessantly, but she eventually stopped worrying and started to feel better.

She saw bruises on Jeremy’s knee and May’s elbow one day when she got home from work to find her kids playing.

When she questioned her children how they were harmed, Jeremy said that they both fell. But something didn’t feel quite right.

Watch the Wonderbot video story to learn what Lina learned when she placed CCTV cameras in her house.

Although we are unable to confirm the veracity of the touching tale presented here, we believe you will be pleased by its feeling of surprise and serendipity.

Everyone could need a respite from the constant stream of bad news. Enjoy!

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