Mom is arrested for shoplifting when heroic police discover her children haven’t eaten in days


The tale of two police officers from North Carolina who got a call that altered their outlook on life and their employment is told in this Wonderbot film.

In Hillsborough, North Carolina, 2 police officers were called before the end of 2017 regarding a female shoplifter who had broken into a supermarket.

An employee at a large grocery store chain witnessed the stealing while it was taking place.

A lady was seen by the employee taking food from the shelves and walking out of the store without paying for her purchases.

The woman’s license plate number, along with the make and type of her vehicle, were all obtained by the shop manager.

The shoplifter, 44-year-old Theresa West, was quickly identified.

It was discovered that she had stolen $34 worth of products, including bread, spaghetti, sauce, and other salad ingredients.

The police that were assigned to the case were Senior Corporal Keith and his colleague, Officer Candace.

The two went to West’s house after seeing the CCTV footage, where they were greeted by someone who appeared upset and sorry for himself.

According to Bradshaw for ABC11, „She kind of dropped her head and told us what was going on and why and that she was sorry.“

When asked why her family hadn’t eaten in 3 days, West reportedly informed the authorities, according to the ABC station.

West was transported to the station to be booked, and after a short inspection of the kitchen—which was almost entirely devoid of food—the two policemen made the decision to assist this mother and her family.

The amount of food they purchased for West and her kids was about $140 when they stocked up at the supermarket and stuffed their carts to the brim.

Watch the complete Wonderbot video tale to find out more about what transpired.

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