When a fourth-grader performs “Imagine” during a talent show, everyone is moved to tears at the end


Adam, who was in the fourth grade at the time, performed in Minnesota’s Lakeside School’s tiny talent show in May 2018.

He and his fam had no idea, meanwhile, that he would quickly become a household name on the online and that thousands of individuals would watch his program online.

ThIs cute little boy, who has been performing the piano since he was five, chose to perform Lennon’s song “Imagine.” One of the most finest tunes of all time.

It’s incredible how a song can still have such an impact and elicit such strong feelings after all these years. And Adam the boy gave it justice without a doubt.


“By the time it was through, there was not a dry eye among the parents there.

The clapping for him was standing ovation-worthy and never-ending “On Facebook, Michelle, his proud mother, posted.

“As soon as I posted it online, a lady approached me to say she would purchase it on iTunes.

His final bow is my favorite—so it’s kind!” Share with your friends and family to make their day and fill it with love and light.

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