When a couple is about to marry, her sister stops to give them a wonderful surprise


Dean Berckenhoff and his fiancée Monica were devastated when his oldest son, 11-year-old Colton, passed away in a terrible accident in 2012.

His organs were donated by a bereaved couple from Willis, Texas. His heart went to a 20-year-old man who had spent much of his life in and out of hospitals.

Having had five open heart surgeries, Travis Stufflebean was born with a cardiac abnormality.

The transplant waiting list was expanded to include him. After three months, Colton gave him his heart.

According to the American Transplant Foundation, there are now 114,000 patients in the US waiting for a transplant that might save their lives.

On the nation’s transplant waiting list, a new name is added every 10 minutes.

Because there aren’t enough organs available for transplant, 20 people every day pass away.

Monica and Dean, who had been together for ten years and have two additional children, celebrated their anniversary by finally marrying in their county courthouse, seven years after Colton’s death.

Their guests were ecstatic as they walked into their seats, and the ceremony began quickly.

But, just as the county judge was about to announce them as husband and wife, her sister abruptly raised her hand to oppose…

Watch the clip to find out why the interruption was so uplifting and tear-jerking.

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