A lonely woman who believed her baby had died at birth for 69 years eventually meets her daughter


When she gave birth to a baby girl in Indiana, Genevieve was 18 years old. Genevieve was a young, unmarried woman in 1949.

It was only natural for the new mother to want to see and touch her adorable child, but the physicians delivered a devastating blow. Apparently, her kid passed away during delivery.

After some time, a tumor required Genevieve to have a hysterectomy. She had no further offspring.

Genevieve, 88, resided in a Florida assisted living community.

She felt alone for a very long time and believed she had no family remaining because her eight siblings had all passed away.

Connie, a lady who lived 1,500 miles away from Genevieve, was given a home DNA kit for Xmas in 2017.

This was the crucial piece of information that would eventually reveal the truth about what had transpired when Genevieve gave birth to that adorable baby girl more than 69 years ago.

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