Out of discomfort, the surrogate refuses to let the baby’s mom touch her belly, and the mother bursts


The woman, 24, consented to serve as a surrogate for her close pals.

Everything was going well until the surrogate’s request that they refrain from doing so was ignored by the baby’s relatives, who then insisted on stroking her tummy.

The pregnant woman, who is six months along, questioned if it was improper for her to refuse to have her body touched without her consent on Reddit.

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Everything got off to a great start. The original poster (OP) began, “So I (24f) am now 6 months pregnant as a surrogate for a family.”

“With the exception of one incident, this procedure has mostly gone without a hitch.

I couldn’t take it when others touched my stomach, not even while I was carrying my kid.

I don’t know why it’s so taboo for people to touch pregnant women, but it irritates me when they do.”

The baby’s kicking must be felt by the family, they urge.

Anyhow, the family I’m carrying for has repeatedly requested if they may rub or touch my tummy to feel the baby kick and move.

The woman said that feeling the baby move and kick has always been a dream of hers.

Then the OP revealed some intriguing details.

The baby’s mother can conceive naturally, but the family chose surrogacy as an alternative.

For background, the OP said, “She is entirely capable of having children on her own; this surrogacy was a decision they took so as not to have her career hampered by being pregnant.”

“She doesn’t want to take a chance on anything happening to the baby or her career because she has a physically demanding work.

As a personal trainer, she They keep begging me to let them touch my tummy, but I always gently refuse since it hurts.”

Things turned violent when the baby’s mom disregarded her plea.

She made it apparent that she didn’t want them to touch her, but they persisted.

Well, as I was chatting to the doctor last week at a baby checkup with my wife, she leaned over and massaged my stomach,” OP said.

When I politely requested her to stop caressing my tummy, she yelled at me, saying that I was spoiling the experience for her and that because the baby was hers, she should be able to feel it kick.

She wasn’t getting away with it, thanks to the surrogate.

I retaliated by saying that although it may be her kid, it is in fact in my body and that if she truly wanted to feel the baby kick, she should have been pregnant.

The OP went on to say that she had gotten calls from the wife’s relatives criticizing her for “yelling at her for [connecting] with her child.”

Almost everyone of the internet was in agreement.

“Just because your having the baby doesn’t grant them a right to approach you without consent,” read the top remark, which received over 13,600 “upvotes.”

A another responder said to the original poster that she is not bad “for not wanting your tummy touched.

Once it is born, they will have a lifetime to get close. They are touching you up to that point rather than the baby.

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