A 6-year-old is shown in a video being dumped by his parents before making friends with a stranger


A 6-year-old child standing alone in the center of a major intersection was tragically visible to Mishka Peart as she was driving through Queens, New York, on a Monday morning.

A little garbage bag containing garments was being held by the youngster.

Her appearance accurately reflected her state of helplessness.

When Mishka stopped to inquire about the little girl’s whereabouts and the whereabouts of her parents, the youngster appeared to be very disoriented.

Besides that, she just knew her first name. Her identity was absent.

She replied to the nice stranger, „They abandoned me.“ Surveillance video captured everything.

A white automobile slows down in the middle of the road, as you’ll see in the tragic video below, and someone throws a bag out the window.

The young child is seen exiting the vehicle and waving good-bye as it departs.

She is then simply left standing there. Thank goodness, Mishka drove by at the ideal moment.

The good-hearted hero believes it was fate for her to arrive in her automobile at that precise moment and come upon the girl.

According to her statement to CBS Local, anyone else might have picked her up.

She could have endured maltreatment. She could have been slain.

I find it impossible to believe anyone could harm a child, much less their own.

Authorities detained the mother and stepfather of the youngster.

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