A lonely old man phoned 911 to ask for help because he didn’t want to spend his 101st birthday alone


Every day, the police field many different kinds of emergency calls, some of which might radically alter the lives of the people on the other end of the line.

Frank, a 101-year-old man, was seated at the dining room table and was fixated on the cake he had just gotten from the supermarket because it looked so good.

He didn’t have anyone with him, but he was determined to have a good birthday nevertheless.

But all of a sudden, emotions of loneliness engulfed him. Since every one of his pals had passed away in the previous several years, he didn’t want to trouble any of his busy neighbors by asking them to visit.

He opted to call 911 as soon as he saw his phone laying there rather than lighting some birthday candles as he was planning to do.

Frank revealed his identity and the fact that he was becoming 101 years old when the emergency dispatcher questioned him about the nature of his emergency.

I’m by myself today, but I don’t want to be, you see. To celebrate my birthday with someone, please.

The dispatcher heard him say, “I know it’s not really an emergency, but I couldn’t think of anybody else .

When a different voice picked up the phone, it introduced itself as Officer Woods and informed him that she and a colleague would be heading over to see him shortly.

On his 101st birthday, Frank fretted about running out of time and how he really didn’t want to be alone on what may be his final significant birthday while he waited to see whether any police officers would really arrive at his house.

Check out the complete clip tale posted by Wonderbot to learn what took place when two cops rang his doorstep that particular day.

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