Prisoner says goodbye to the pup he raised in his cell, and the new owner finds a written letter


A highly unique dog-training program is offered at SCI Chester, a facility run by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, and the outcomes are genuinely life-changing for both the convicts and the canines as well as the prospective pet owners.

Being permitted to participate in the Wags Rescue dog-training program is a luxury for these prisoners.

If they do join the program, these individuals are forced to spend their whole time in their prison cells with the dog and another convict.

Yes, the puppies are housed in the convicts‘ cells, making them their complete responsibility.

One-on-one training is given a lot of attention, and the offenders are entrusted with teaching the dogs the canine equivalents of manners and tricks.

The initiative makes space available for rescues by clearing space in Wags‘ network of foster dogs.

Many of these shelter dogs were were scheduled for euthanasia, but because to the convicts who wanted to assist, they are now all healthy and living.

According to Larry, a prisoner, „the dog is a reflection of what we teach them.“

Therefore, the reward is already there if we can train them to behave well, just as humans would.

In the video below, Larry and his other dog trainers get ready to say farewell to the canines they’ve known for such a long time.

It’s time for them to go for their new, permanent residences.

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