A 12-year-old athlete with a „heart of gold“ undergoes urgent leg amputation because of a rare infection


Brinley Hutson is a 12-year-old athlete with boundless energy.

However, the Kansas toddler through a harrowing struggle. In 2021, she had her leg removed.

Brinley was kicked in the leg while competing in a soccer event.

A softball struck the same location when the injury was still mending.

Brinley’s leg became infected, and medications were not working to treat it.

A few days later, physicians had to perform an emergency amputation to stop an infection that was nearly fatal.

Brinley’s first thought after waking up after surgery, according to family friend Brandie England, was about sports.

„Her identity is that of an athlete,“ she explained in an interview.

„And that was the first thing she worried about when she woke up after surgery was that she wouldn’t be able to play sports anymore.“

The amputation will surely impact Brinley’s life, but she has an enormous amount of support.

Her neighborhood is genuinely coming together. Online support for the BRINLEY STRONG GoFundMe campaign, which will assist with medical costs, has been growing.

There’s a good reason why her community is expressing such a lot of support, according to one of her teachers, Christy VanGassbeek, who taught Brinley in both first and fifth grades.

She claims that is why because it is who Brinley is and what she regularly delivers to the world.

„She enjoys rivalry. She is hilarious. She is also the greatest supporter „She spoke.

She is a kind person at heart. Watch the video to learn more about Brinley.

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